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Here are the answers to the questions that we regularly receive from our future customers.

  • How many presentations do you have?

    Assessing the complexity of the work, not knowing what it is about, is to poke a finger at the sky. The price of the presentation depends on the number of performed stages, the complexity of each of them, the urgency of the work, the final number of slides, the presence and amount of animation and its complexity, as well as a number of other factors. Our usual answer to such a question is from 10 thousand to 1 million rubles. To find out the exact price and terms specifically for your presentation - tell us more about it: fill in and send brief, or simply write to us.

  • Why so expensive?

    In the "speed-price-quality" bundle, the satisfaction of all three criteria is extremely rare. As a rule, one always has to sacrifice something. We try to provide the customer with a customer service and a result corresponding to, or exceeding, his expectations. What happens if we create a presentation for a lower price? We will spend less time on the customer's project and the result will turn out not to meet its expectations. In the end, we earned a bad reputation, and the client lost time and money. This is a situation in which everyone loses. Nevertheless, price reduction is possible in case of a reduction in the volume of work performed, or vice versa, a complex order for the provision of various design and marketing services, including the creation of presentations.

  • And you can do it, this and more then that?

    Creating a presentation is usually the first, but not the last project, from which our cooperation with the client is just beginning. We, of course, provide a full range of services related to the creation of communication tools b2b business with the market. More details about our capabilities you can find here, or on the main page of the site.

  • What kind of discount can you give?

    As an answer to this question, imagine such a dialogue:

    Customer: How much does the presentation cost?

    Contractor: 100 000 rubles.

    Customer: And give a discount?

    Contractor: Yes Easy! personally for you I will make for 80 thousand.

    The customer (about himself): Yeah, then in the original price, I would pay 20 thousand just for air? I wonder how much more "air" is left in these 80 thousand?

    The price, which we are announcing, already includes all the time and labor required to perform the task at a high-quality professional level. Reduction of the same price is possible in two cases:

    a) At decrease in volume, or complexity of the performed works;

    b) With a complex order, implying long-term cooperation with planned monthly works.

  • Do you work with other cities?

    We are located in Nizhny Novgorod and work with cities throughout Russia and near abroad. The maximum time zone difference for the projects we perform is 12 hours. Yes, we have a day, in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky midnight :) All communications are carried out by e-mail, through convenient for the customer messengers / phone, as well as cloud file-sharing. If necessary, we can always meet live. Nevertheless, there is one limitation - the cost of the project should be in this case commensurate with the price of air travel, for example, to Vladivostok and back :)

  • Can you do it by the day after tomorrow?

    Such a term has a lot of "BUT", nevertheless, approximately in 50% of cases we undertake and for such presentations. The only thing you need to remember about - if the presentation needs to be done quickly and inexpensively, then do not rely on the high quality of its design. First of all, the emphasis will be on its semantic content. Looking for the best visual solution takes much longer. But for the presentation for tomorrow we will not take in 100% of cases :)

  • Can you make an example of design that we compare with other applicants?

    We can. But we will not :) The “example of design” is the result of intellectual work, on which the working time was spent and the rights to which belong to us until the moment of its payment by the customer. We do not spend working time for free and for this reason we do not participate in competitive selections that are held by customers. Alternatively, to assess our professional level, you can always familiarize yourself with our portfolio, get recommendations from our current customers, or just call us and learn more about how we can solve your task.

  • Will you make a presentation about the role of Romain Turgenevich Dumas in the 21st century?

    Our activity is aimed at solving business problems of companies on the b2b market. As a rule, the price for which we perform presentations is not available for students of universities and colleges. Therefore, in this case, we recommend that such a client consider the option our help in the independent creation of such a presentation. Believe me, there is nothing complicated in this!