Trainings and Consultations

right arrow-02-02-02-02-02With each of our completed projects, we learn something new and put new bags in our experience baggage. We gladly show the contents of these “suitcases” to those who are interested. After all, if people start to understand each other better, will it not help the advance of “peace in the whole world?” © We can tell you about how stories are created in different ways. Which one is right for you?

Independent evaluation

1-02We can take a look at your presentation from your own point of view and, relying on more or less objective criteria for evaluation, tell how good your story is. Perhaps we can even suggest how it would be possible to make it even more interesting.

Personal consultation

2-02We can talk about everything related to the creation of presentations:

  • How to make a presentation of your story
  • How to prepare for public speaking
  • How to use presentations in your work

Lecture / Seminar / Webinar

3-02If you are interested in the topic of storytelling and you would like to know what is happening in this area, what secrets and techniques can make your story more interesting, then there is nothing better than good old communication with the audience in the format of a thematic lecture or seminar. Write to us and we, of course, will be able to organize and conduct such a lecture for you.

Training / Master-class

4-02-02Yes, yes, and there is such an experience. If you need to teach several people to make presentations (for example, your sales managers, or marketing department employees), then the training for creating presentations that seamlessly turns into training for their implementation and use in sales can be just what you need.

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Some of the formats of communication with us, such as “Independent Evaluation”, will be completely free. Some will require additional time and preparation from us, which will naturally cost money. Comparison of this money with the price of your mistakes, which you can avoid after communicating with us, we leave at your discretion.