Branding and identity

1-02Brand, logo, corporate identity, packaging, POSM, advertising - what connects all these words? This is a unique story that you tell people about yourself. History, image, thanks to which your name is firmly connected in people with a certain emotion and attitude. The word Branding itself unites a huge number of tasks solved for the recognition of your company or product by people. Choose what you need for you?

vrungel-03"How do you call a yacht, so it will float!"

Captain Vrungel

  • logotype-02-02After captain Vrungel only lazy did not write about the creation of logos. We are not lazy, because we also drop a few lines about the most important, in our opinion. Creating a logo can be compared with the birth of a child. This process takes a lot of time and requires a lot of effort. But even in solving a creative problem, techniques can be applied, following which leaves no options for the failure of the project. When choosing a person to whom you entrust the creation of a name for your yacht, think not only about which yachts are already plying the oceans with his names, but also about how he will work exactly on your sails. Logos come up with everything. How are we different in this from the rest? We work on the logo for a long time, but we always bring the work to the desired result.

    firstil-02Corporate identity is a natural development of corporate identity from the logo to the image perception of the company's brand by the market and its employees themselves through various communication channels (letters, forms, business cards, souvenirs, desktop screensaver, car design, office space and even space rockets). After the birth of a child, he must be raised, raised and learned in school. Even the most creative and bright logo can be ineptly applied in the image materials of the company, just as a child can be in the children's room of the police, instead of studying diligently. We strive for our children to finish school with a red diploma.

    guideline-02Guideline - graduation diploma of the newly created, or updated image of your company. Combining all the elements of corporate identity in one document, it becomes a single standard governing the use of the logo, corporate colors, fonts and other rules designed to preserve the brand identity of the company’s brand in its original form. By creating a guideline, we are completing work on creating the corporate identity of your company, which is becoming one of the components of its brand.

  • trademark-02Captain Vrungel’s quote can be fully attributed to the trademark. Trade mark is more often associated with a brand than a logo. If you do not delve into the legal subtleties (in which both of these concepts are “Trademarks”), then the torus brand is primarily associated with the product or service produced by the company. Before and during the work on its creation, it is important to take into account a huge number of marketing factors and have a communication strategy to promote the brand. Speaking for you in the role of branding agency, we can create a unique story for your product or service, including, including: name, slogan, as well as the very visual image of your future brand.

    media-2-02How will your consumers find out about your product? Will it happen in a store or much earlier, from an advertisement on TV? In the Internet? Or maybe from a glossy magazine? As part of your communication strategy, we create for you the elements of your brand’s visual interaction with the consumer: POS materials, packaging for your product, advertising design, presentation materials, souvenirs. The more thoughtful your strategic vision of brand positioning and marketing in the market, the more effective the visual communication tools that we create for your brand.

    brandbook-02The final element of the work on your brand is the Brand-book - a document describing the elements of identity and attributes of your future brand. (essence, position, mission, values, uniqueness, etc.) As part of working on a brand book, we systematize the application of the brand in accordance with your marketing strategy, provide a set of recommendations for its use and create a comprehensive visual picture of your brand perception by the consumer in different situations and conditions.


To entrust us with the honorable duty to create a Name for you, download and fill out brief. Answers to questions in it will allow us to more accurately understand your vision, assess the complexity of the work and the approximate timing of its implementation.