Commercial offers

1-02A commercial offer is a short selling presentation of your product or service. Short (literally, on the 1-2 sheet), but very capacious. Our clients often refer to the selling presentation as a proposal. So that we have with you a complete understanding of how your story is being presented, compare these two formats:

  • Compounding, with rare exceptions, most often used on b2c market. In this case, your product / service is simple, and the benefit is obvious and does not require deep explanations: “Buy tickets a pack and get a water pump!”. The audience can also be very wide. You can send a commercial offer by e-mail, post it on bulletin boards, keep it freely available and, of course, transfer it to the client during the meeting.

  • Selling presentation is almost always used in b2b market. If the benefits of your product or service are complex and not obvious, or several people are involved in making a decision by the client, then perhaps you should consider creating a marketing presentation. Read more about how to make an effective business presentation. here.


The success of the project in the correct and accurate formulation of the problem. Download and fill this brief , in advance to avoid many questions that we otherwise need to ask you. In addition, with this document we will be able to quickly assess the complexity of the work, the timing of its implementation and cost.

3-02Contact us. After a little communication and clarification of additional details, we will be ready to start work. From this point on, you can tell yourself with complete confidence: “I am a good fellow! I solved a big problem! ”.

right arrow-02-02-02-02-02During the work on your presentation, people with more than 10 years of experience combine their efforts and knowledge to create for you not only beautiful, but also working in a lively business. Products. Below are the main stages of work, the strict adherence to which allows us to guarantee you the quality and accuracy of the terms of work.

  • Dive into the project

    At the beginning of each project, we thoroughly study a huge amount of information about the people for whom the presentation will be made and about the market (environment) where they work. We also study the product, service, company or person that will be discussed in our history. We have already accumulated a very diverse experience from different markets and business areas, so this stage does not take much time.

    The purpose of this stage - come to a common with you vision and understanding of the current situation for which we will create a solution to your problem.

  • Writing a commercial concept

    At this stage we work with the accumulated information and write a commercially verified history - the text that will form the basis of all further steps.

    The purpose of this stage - write a selling story, which we will then revive.

  • Sketch layout of sheets

    As part of this work, we highlight the key information in your history, structure it, determine the way it is filed visually and draw a rough outline sketch of your commercial proposal.

    The purpose of this stage - Final preparation of your proposal for the design work on its visualization.

  • Design

    Yes Yes. Only now we are finally starting to get creative for real. We determine the overall style and visual presentation of information in the proposal and make two preliminary options for your assessment. In the event that none of them met your expectations, we are preparing for you a third design option, starting from your constructive comments and comments.

    The purpose of this stage - Create a starting point in the design, based on which we can create a complete, commercially verified product.

  • And again design

    Now, on the basis of the option that you chose in the previous step, we are developing the idea that we have proposed to the final product that will be commercially effective: it will help you attract customers and make sales faster.

    The purpose of this stage - Create for you a product that will work effectively in your business.

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