1-02Before you decide what your presentation will be about, try to answer three questions for yourself:

  • From the one who will watch your presentation or marketing whale, depends not only the story itself, but also its visual perception. It is important to clearly represent the person to whom you are going to hold a presentation, his occupation, habits, special preferences.

  • A person's perception of a presentation from a printed sheet / booklet, from a tablet / computer screen, or during your presentation is different. The best effect from the presentation is achieved when it is prepared under strictly defined conditions. The more universal the presentation format, the more "averaged" your story will turn out - for all occasions and for everyone. However, for this format there is also a name: "Marketing whale".

  • What tasks do you want to solve with her? - Perhaps, this is the most important question, not having an answer to which any attempt to make the presentation interesting and useful is doomed to failure. Very often the concept of "Purpose of Presentation" is replaced by the concept of "What will be the presentation." Try to avoid this.

2-02Download and fill brief containing all these and some other questions. Having this document before our eyes, it will be much easier for us to understand your task, to assess the complexity of the work, the timing of its implementation and cost.

3-02Contact us. After a little communication and clarification of additional details, we will be ready to start work. From this point on, you can tell yourself with complete confidence: “I am a good fellow! I solved a big problem! ”.

right arrow-02-02-02-02-02During the work on your presentation, people with more than 10 years of experience combine their efforts and knowledge to create for you a unique, beautiful and compelling history. Below are the main stages of work, the strict adherence to which allows us to guarantee you a quality result in the promised time.

  • Dive into the project

    At the beginning of each project, we thoroughly study a huge amount of information about the people for whom the presentation will be made and about the market (environment) where they work. We also study the product, service, company or person that will be discussed in our history. We have already accumulated a very diverse experience from different markets and business areas, so this stage does not take much time.

    The purpose of this stage - come to a common with you vision and understanding of the current situation for which we will create a solution to your problem.

  • Writing a presentation concept

    At this stage, we work with the accumulated information and write history - a document that will form the basis of the entire presentation and which will provide answers to the key questions at this stage: About what we will talk in the presentation and Как we'll talk about it.

    The purpose of this stage - create a semantic basis for your future presentation.

  • Writing a text plan

    Having a finished story, we create a presentation plan. Plan - these are the main semantic theses, arranged in a correct and logical sequence. Their task is to bring the key idea to the person and, as a result, to achieve the goal for which the presentation is being created.

    The purpose of this stage - Highlight what is really important and create a concise and effective sequence of information submission based on your history.

  • Writing speech (optional)

    If you plan to speak to an audience, after completing the previous stages, we will be able not only to write a speech for you, but also to advise on how to prepare for this event and to hold it brilliantly.

  • Sketched layout of slides

    In the framework of this work, we transfer the text plan of the presentation to clean white sheets and perform the compositional layout of the information that we will show on the slides. It is at this stage that it is determined which information will be visualized and announced, which texts will reveal the meaning of the entire slide, which objects on the slide will be key and which ones will be secondary.

    The purpose of this stage - The final preparation of your history for the design work on its visualization.

  • General Design

    The presentation is a very important stage. It is through him that we set the tone, the mood of your story, position you and your image in the eyes of your listeners, turn your story into a unique image. This is the stage of creative search and teamwork of several people. In the course of the work we provide you with two options for the presentation design. In the event that none of them has met your expectations, we are preparing a third option for you, based on your constructive comments and comments.

    The purpose of this stage - To determine the overall style and visual presentation of information in the presentation.

  • Slide Design

    At this stage, there is what can be called the birth of your history. It is here in one sheet that the experience and knowledge of people of creative professions, people from the business environment, marketing specialists and narrow branch specialists combine.

    The purpose of this stage - Create not just beautiful slides, but make the beauty functional, decisive on each sheet a clear semantic task.

  • Finalization and delivery of the project

    Making a beautiful, but completely useless presentation in practice is quite easy. Making a presentation that will help you achieve your goals is much more difficult. At this final stage, we adjust, refine the design of the slides to a single stylistic perception and make adjustments in accordance with your comments.

    The purpose of our work - Help you tell your story correctly.

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