Creating presentations

We help companies and people talk about themselves and their needs to others. If you need to hold an important meeting with a client, or speak to a hundred people, or send an e-mail commercially the right story about your services - we help you do it convincingly, effectively and professionally.


Slide Shredder

If you already have a ready-made presentation, but you are not sure that it is good for your task - you can get a detailed analysis of the advantages and weaknesses of your slides, as well as recommendations on how to make your presentation really effective.


Commercial offers

A commercial offer is a small presentation. If your product or service is simple, then all you need is to tell the client convincingly, briefly and effectively about its benefits of cooperation with you. A commercial offer is what the client has left after the meeting ends or the phone conversation ends.


Branding and identity

First of all, people choose the heart. That is why your recognition and uniqueness are so important in positioning in front of customers. The personality of your brand or company created by professionals will determine your image and trust in you. It is part of your past and present. Let us tell you about you correctly.


Video Production

Emotion gives birth to desires, and desires give birth to reflections on how to realize them. It would seem - nothing complicated - sound, picture and movement. But, united in one video series, these three words can create a mood, bring to the right thoughts, cause a desire - for example, order us the production of such a video.


Storytelling and Copywriting

To tell about something interesting, lively and convincingly not as easy as it seems at first glance. Whether it is an article in a magazine, a post in social networks, a letter, or a slogan for a new brand - in each case requires an individual approach to creating your story. Composing it and turning the text into laconic phrases is part of our work.


Trainings and Consultations

There are no perfect solutions to visualizing meanings. If you have a presentation, or commercial offer, or a logo, or something else related to your desire to convey ideas to other people - contact us. We can not only make an analysis of your product that is understandable to you, but also tell you how you could make it better.


You did not find what you need in the list?

Nothing wrong. Just write to us and we will find a personal solution for your task. Our clients turn to us for presentations, but after the completed first project they trust us with a variety of tasks, the solution of which lies at the intersection of design, marketing, commerce and copywriting.

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