Slide Shredder

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If you are here, then you already have a presentation. But how interesting are your slides and how understandable are they to your audience?

If you need confidence in your slides

If you want to make a presentation better, but do not know how

If you want to verify the quality of the ordered presentation

If you need an independent view from outside


We can analyze and analyze your presentation according to the following criteria:

  • The purpose of the presentation is to convincingly convey to people your idea, or message. You will find out how well your presentation is managing this: how clear are your slides for people and how successful you are to deliver your ideas to them.

  • The design of slides and an understandable presentation of information is an important part of any slide. We will tell you how much your chosen style of design and the way information is presented helps your presentation to be interesting and convincing.

  • The way your presentation will look is determined by three important things: the purpose of the presentation, its audience and the way of demonstration. The presentation for the sale of the tractor to the farmer will differ from the presentation of the same tractor for the dealer company. The presentation for the slide show through the projector for twenty people will be different from the presentation on the same topic, but sent to these hundred people via email. We will show you how much your presentation corresponds to the solution of your task precisely in your conditions.


You can get the answer in any convenient way:

  • Free. We analyze your presentation and answer your questions.

  • 1000 rubles. We in a text form understand for you the shortcomings and advantages of your presentation and give recommendations for its improvement.

  • 2500 rubles. The same as e-mail, but we are already preparing for you a beautifully designed PDF document with more detailed recommendations for each of your slide with graphics, pictures and examples.


Send your presentation to us by email: and get an exhaustive answer to your questions