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Turning to "B-volume" on the recommendation, we expected to receive a service of high-quality preparation of information materials of the company. Our expectations were met
We can note the high customer-centeredness of the "V-volume" studio, who knows how to work quickly and efficiently, that is, without compromising the quality of the final result in a timely manner to fulfill the tasks set. The agency, being guided by our needs, even in the presence of short deadlines acts not formally, but aspires to be flexible, to understand the essence of tasks more deeply and to offer a professional solution. Thank you for your cooperation!

Department of Marketing and Development


I liked the company's portfolio, as well as the distinct and beautiful presentation of information about the company's activities. I revised a lot of offers, from 20-30 scanned selected five. As a result of correspondence, V-volume has already stopped.
The work was done perfectly. Already showed several third-party experts in similar areas, all in one voice say that there is nothing to complain about. I liked the speed and clarity. Willingness to listen and evaluate suggestions. Work was like a good quick game of tennis. Also note the speed of response and the opportunity from the studio to be in touch 24 / 7.

Olga Vartseva


We needed to develop a brand book and a lot of advertising and presentation materials, as well as a video for a new product. We searched for a contractor on the Internet, since we have never cooperated with similar companies before. "V-volume" was the first to respond to our request.

All work was done on time and professionally. Designers listened to the opinions and ideas of the company's employees. We can note the immersion by the staff of “V-volume” in the subject of our work, an individual, attentive approach to the tasks.

Maria Klimycheva

GC Ekei Ru - Nizhny Novgorod

We needed to tell about our company in a truthful and attractive form. We decided to do this through a presentation, for which we turned to V-volume.

When choosing an artist, we relied solely on our own impressions. After personal contact via Skype, there was no doubt about the correctness of the choice of the company. The amount of information that had to be covered and processed was enormous. I didn’t really believe that the message of the presentation can be formulated precisely and expressively in such a short period of time. The presentation created was rated by the shareholders of the company as intelligible, succinct and positive.

I really liked the accuracy in meeting the deadlines for the execution of our order. Also, the approach to work on the company's website fully corresponds to what was written. A wonderful feedback that on the vastness of the Internet, and indeed in our reality, is infrequent. Here there is a professional team that appreciates its own and other people's time.

Marina Pleshivtseva

Kaindi Cable Plant - Kaindy / Kyrgyzstan

When choosing a studio, it was important for us to simply set a goal and get the desired result without explaining where and why to put that circle. After talking with the studio manager, there was no doubt about the choice.

The result exceeded expectations. It is difficult to imagine that someone can do better than you yourself. Liked: detailed explanation of the work plan, conditions and results before the decision, timing and responsiveness to questions and comments, immersion in the topic and proposed ideas, design solutions, attitude to the client.

According to the results of the project, V-volume company was recognized as the best of the three performers, and the design ideas of the studio were further used to create the company's website.

Alexey Nikolaev

Energosferum - Moscow

We needed a presentation for the investor, so we were looking for a company with a good marketing bias, capable of thinking, thinking out ideas and working in a modern style. We stopped our choice on the B-volume.

The company responsibly and attentively responded to the order: they penetrated into the specifics of the business, offered several versions of the concept, performed the calculations necessary for the presentation, studied the market and made a cool presentation. All comments were taken into account and taken into account. For more and could not count. It happened that the result was not immediately pleasing to the eye and we found our own flaws in the ready-made version. But the guys do not ask too many questions and together we find the best solutions. Always in touch. Work definitely liked. Everything went exactly as we agreed “on the shore”, even better!

Nikolai Ryabtsov

TopAttlet - Moscow

In-volume - reliable guys. We cooperate with them not for one project. All are doing on time. What is especially pleasing is that they do not ask what to do. We just say why we need this or that design or presentation and they do it right away as we need it. We are completely satisfied with the cooperation

Mikhail Okhrimenko

Rosteline Agroservis - Voronezh

The team “V-volume” is distinguished for us by the high efficiency of work together with the good quality of the final result. The combination of these two components is quite difficult to find on the market. We have been cooperating with V-volume for a long time and all the presentations prepared with the help of the studio, are pleasant to our clients and partners and help in our work. Keep it up!

Eduard Levinev

MgCOM - Moscow

The staff of the studio is responsible and initiative. The work was completed on time. Thank you very much for your patience, as we were preparing for an important forum and there were constant changes in the project, which required to repeatedly make changes to the presentation. I recommend!

Alexander Golutvin

DNS Development group - Vladivostok

Worked very well! Considered all the little things. Work done even a little ahead of time. I would like to note that in addition to a good result within the set deadlines, it was very comfortable to work with the studio, because the guys listened and heard us as a client, promptly implemented all the comments until the desired result was achieved, and also offered their interesting solutions.

Andrey Timofeev

National Museum of Tatarstan - Kazan

Thank you for the high-quality presentation. The studio took into account all our wishes, and a number of fresh ideas were also proposed. Responsible guys who are always in touch when necessary.

Zlata Dalmatia

Smart Dox - Moscow

We were faced with the task of creating a set of presentations and commercial proposals for working with our clients and partners. The guys from "V-volume" not only coped well with this task. They showed how a deep understanding of the specifics of the IT market, the sales strategy of our company on it, and the knowledge of the services we provide.

Separately, I want to note their punctuality in the course of the project. All work was clearly planned by them and performed on time without a single overlay and any delays.

Yaroslav Poltavsky

Execution - Moscow

Before us was the task of preparing an unusual presentation about the company and the studio coped with this task brilliantly, both from the point of view of organizing the workflow and in terms of creativity!
I was impressed by your constructive approach and organization, which is so rare to be found when working with a designer. When we moved from organizational issues to business, everything also happened quickly, clearly, comments were made quickly and sensibly at each stage of the work, the designer offered interesting ideas, while always listening to our desires and very quickly embodied them in reality. The result is a capacious, interesting, creative presentation, prepared in time!

Olga Pis'menna

SaYes - Language School - Moscow

Excellent work! We will address again!

Vyacheslav Imambayev

Mickey Travel - Travel Company - Moscow

Ordered in the Volume to make a presentation, This is a studio with a serious approach to the task. I explained all the points that I myself had been poorly thought out. I received detailed answers to all my comments and questions, so I had no doubts why this or that concept or design was chosen. The work was carried out clearly and quickly. The deadlines in the studio are very much watched and they try to do everything before the schedule. It was a pleasure to work in all respects. Thank you for your work! Be sure to appeal again when there will be a need!

Svetlana Sergeeva

City Club - Troitsk

The work was done perfectly! The guys are very responsible and attentive to the smallest details. In addition to the excellent fulfillment of the customer's tasks, they offer their solutions based on professional skills and a clear understanding of their work. It's nice to deal with. With full confidence I will advise my partners. Many thanks and wish you continued success!

Cyril Boldyrev

Stroykontrakt-5 - Moscow

I think that we are very lucky to find a true professional of the business for our project. Executive, always in touch. According to our presentation, everything was done on time in a better way. All wishes were taken into account, additional original design solutions were found. We will recommend V-volume to partners, and our next project is just around the corner.

Yuri Vasejo

Capital Partners Group - St. Petersburg